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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 941 for 2021

Instructions and Help about 941 for 2021

Good morning everyone this is Gary mirror instructor this video will discuss the last chapter chapter 7 of our payroll course it is a practice set that contains components of the Excel program which we'll talk about shortly and then also completing the payroll tax forms and exam at the final and so these are the points or evaluation of the points 25 25 and 50 all all of these are due May 10th I wanted to kind of give you an overview of where to start on this chapter 7 and actually the project itself will begin in the appendix a that is the project which contains the Excel portion of it so you can basically skip most of all of chapter 7 for the most part and go right to the appendix a section now I have that overview here where you'll start and read the overview in the appendix 8 and just some background information how to use Excel and a lot of you know how to do that copy/paste that sort of thing entering in formulas and so forth the actual projects information kind of begins discussing the Excel template that's given to you and that's contained right here so if I don't open this up I'm using Google Chrome to open this up and what you want to do is basically save this on your USB so just do file save as and save it with your name or added to it but basically the first section or the first things that you will want to complete is this Excel template it contains as it's discussed on page a for the journal which I'm showing here which you'll make your journal entries and then the general ledger once you journal eyes you obviously have to post and one nice thing about this is that you can put a date in here December I think third is the first transaction and journal page 45 and I'm not sure the credit I'm just gonna enter an amount but it automatically gives you the running balance to that transaction or that ledger sheet so that's a nice thing to have or feature to have I'm just gonna reverse those out because those are not applicable one nice thing also about the ledger sheets is that there will be checkpoints here on the right side where you can enter your ending balance for each ledger on the right here and if it's correct it'll say so it's incorrect it says no you need to retry so those are nice for making sure that each ledger sheet is completed fully and please do these checks make sure that they're complete if there is a question on any of these just let me know and that's the same true with the payroll register the project has most of the quarter already completed October November and your job is to complete basically three payrolls December for the 14th and then the.